Open Letter to: The heads of states of the P5+1 group

Open Letter to:  The heads of states of the P5+1 group — the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany and Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

From: Mothers For Peace Organisation in Iran

Sanctions are against the Iranian people’s right to development

The 1986 Declaration of the United Nations affirms that the right to development ties in with the human rights or is the necessary condition for its realization. According to this Declaration, people as individuals and as a collective have the right to benefit from economic, social, cultural, political and human collective heritage. One important responsibility of the states is to ensure that they collectively establish peace and security in order to facilitate people’s right to development.

The Iranian Mothers For Peace Organisation is deeply concerned about the expansion of sanctions against Iran, from military to economic and the imposition of unilateral sanctions. These sanctions deny Iranian people’s right to development and the impact of Iranian people on global development. We believe that these economic sanctions are great obstacles in the path of exchange of knowledge, science, technology, goods, labour force and capital between Iran and other nations. These sanctions create inflation and shortage of goods and endanger people’s livelihood in Iran. Moreover, these sanctions have created obstacles in the path of Iranian intellectuals, scholars and researches as well as social and political activists as they are unable to exchange ideas with their counterparts in other parts of the world, in a situation where participation in conferences and seminars have reached its absolute minimum.

The activities of the private sector have gradually been shrunk and the development projects which are necessary for the economic, social, cultural and environmental protection have reached cessation. This situation has negative impact on the sustainable developments of Iran and the Middle East. Iran is a member of International Organisations. However, the lack of effective cooperation between Iran and these international organizations denies Iran’s right to benefit from their experience and assistance and vice versa. Consequently, unemployment and inflation threatens more and more families who may be forced to live under the poverty line. Furthermore, social problems such as addictions and crimes are on the rise as economically productive activities are in decline. Thus, environmental protection and Iran’s sustainable development are seriously under threat.

Many people in Iran, in the context of realization of their full rights including the right to development, do not necessary agree with some of Iran’s policies in the past. They believe that these policies are a part of obstacles to Iran’s developments. However, the historical experiences clearly demonstrate that the imposition of limitations, economic pressures and foreign interventions threatens global peace and security and make the path to development extremely painful. We believe that these foreign interventions whether direct (military) or indirect (sanctions) strengthen the forces of extremism in any society who may block the path to development and to threaten the global peace and security.

The Mothers For Peace Organisaton believes that the current sanctions which deprive Iran’s economic, cultural and social developments must be cancelled and stopped. These sanctions are against the globally recognized right of Iran to development.

 We demand from those nations that have signed the 1986 Declaration of the United Nations –  affirming all nations right to development – to cancel and stop the sanctions against Iran, hence by this action show that they are committed to human rights and development issues and to  sustainable development in the region and in the world.

Iran Mothers For Peace


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